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I purchased a commercial license from your Etsy shop in the past, is it still valid in your new shop?

Yes! If you have purchased an extended commercial license in the past via our Etsy shop, you do not need to repurchase a replacement license. That license is still valid for use on purchases in the new shop (twgdesigns.com) under the same terms & conditions. 


What is a commercial license and why do I need it?

A commercial license is available for purchase if you intend to use a given artwork collection or design element(s) to create and sell a product (physical or digital). If TWG artwork is incorporated into a new and final end product that you will be SELLING, then you MUST purchase the appropriate commercial license along with the artwork itself. 

All of our digital artwork listings (clip art sets, digital papers, etc.) are available for purchase under 3 different licensing options:

- Personal / Small Commercial (sell up to 100 units of end product)
- Commercial (sell up to 500 units of end product)
- Extended Commercial (sell up to 1,000 units of end product)


What is an end product?

 An END PRODUCT is anything you will be SELLING. It typically refers to a physical product, ie: planner stickers, stationery and scrapbooking items, party supplies, etc. An end product can also be a digital item, ie: ebook, printables, worksheets, etc. 

If you sell PHYSICAL products, then 1 product/unit = 1 end product sold
Example: If you sell 5 sticker kits featuring TWG artwork, that is considered 5 units of end product sold. 

If you sell DIGITAL products, then 1 unit = 1 download sold
Example: if you sell 5 copies of an ebook featuring TWG artwork, that is considered 5 units of end product sold. 


How do I purchase a commercial license?

On the artwork product page, select your preferred licensing option from the dropdown menu and add to cart.

 In the "Note" section at checkout, provide the following information:
- Business / Company name
- Website URL
- Type of product(s) you will be selling using this artwork
(licenses are NOT valid/active if this information is not received.)

And that's it! Your receipt of purchase is proof of license. No document (physical or digital) will be sent to you. It is the purchasers responsibility to keep record of licenses.  


Can I purchase an extended license at a later time, should I need it?

Yes, if you are unsure of how many end products you will be selling, simply purchase the "Personal / Small Commercial" option to begin with.

If, at a later time, you realize you need to upgrade to a larger license option, you can purchase an add-on Commercial License here.


Can I use TWG artwork to create & sell digital downloads? (ie, printable planner stickers, invitations, etc.)

Yes, you can use TWG artwork to sell digital downloads and printables, so long as there are other elements (text, shapes, objects, backgrounds, etc.) added to the pages and/or design and the artwork is flattened into the final design. 

In other words, TWG artwork can not be the MAIN or ONLY component of the final end product design and/or extractable in any way.


Is there anything I CANNOT create/sell using TWG artwork?

You CANNOT, under any circumstance and regardless of license purchased, use TWG artwork to create/sell any of the following products:

- Marketing materials, logo designs, or branding elements for sale
- Digital downloads as-is in their original digital format
- Digital planner stickers or sticker books
- Digital freebies
- Sublimation designs
- Layered PSD files for sale 

You CANNOT resell, distribute, giveaway, or share TWG artwork in it's original digital format. This is punishable by law and STRICTLY enforced. 


Are you accepting custom order(s) or commissions?

For inquiries about custom artwork and commission projects, contact us here or email info@twgdesigns.com 



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