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Welcome to the world of digital planning!

This guide will walk you through everything you need to get started with using and navigating your new digital planner.


New to digital planning? Welcome to a whole new world of productivity. Digital planners are highly customizable, eco-friendly, cost effective, portable, and have tons of useful features (hello, undo button!) to help make your planning process seamless and effective. 

But, what exactly is a digital planner? A digital planner is essentially a PDF file with hyperlinks that help you easily and intuitively navigate the file. They are meant to be used on a tablet with a stylus. Much like a traditional paper planner, you can flip through pages, jump to sections using tabs, and keep track of all of your life's plans and projects in one easy-to-use digital space.

You will need to use a PDF annotation app in order to fully access all of the features and functionality of the planner. We highly recommend the app called Goodnotes. You can also use other apps such as: Notability, Kilonotes, Noteshelf, and Flexcil to name a few. 

Please note, some of our digital planners are quite extensive (over 600 pages!) so the PDFs will be larger than your average files. We recommend using the latest operating system on your tablet and most updated version of your PDF annotation app.





When purchasing your digital planner, you will receive a direct download to a PDF deliverable file immediately after checkout. You will also receive a link via email. This PDF file will include download links to the digital planner and all of its related files (stickers, etc.), video tutorials, and more. You can save the original planner files to your desktop for future use, and then transfer a copy to your tablet via your preferred method. 

How to import the planner to Goodnotes app:

Airdrop the PDF planner file to your iPad (this may take a minute depending on your wifi connection). When prompted on your iPad, select to open with Goodnotes. Tap on "Import as New Document" button.

If the PDF planner file is already saved to your tablet (ie, in your icloud or Files app), you can also import it directly from the Goodnotes app. In Goodnotes, go to your "Documents" section, and tap on the "New +" button. Then tap "Import" and select the PDF planner file from your device. 



Your planner is designed with hyperlinks that help you intuitively navigate through all the pages. Simply tap on a box, word, or tab to jump to a specific page in the planner without needing to flip through all pages.

For an overview of every planner section and all pages, tap the gold coils in the middle to access the Index page. Use the tabs on the top left hand corner for quick access to yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily pages. Use the tabs on the right hand side to access all pages related to each month of the year. Use the bottom left hand tabs to create your own custom planner sections. 



While using your planner in any given app, you will need to get used to toggling between viewing mode and editing mode. Viewing mode will allow you to click the hyperlinks and navigate through the planner. Editing mode will allow you to write, erase, and use other tools like shapes, photos, etc.

In Goodnotes, you'll see an icon in the top right hand corner that looks like a pencil with a circle around it. This is "viewing mode" where you'll be able to click on hyperlinks. In order to write in your planner, you'll need to tap on that icon so it looks like a pencil with a line through it. This is called "editing mode" and the toolbar will appear. Most apps will have a similar editing/viewing mode icon. 

When taking notes or filling in your planner, you can write by hand using a stylus pen, like an Apple pencil. Tip: to further mimic the feel of traditional pen-to-paper planning, we highly recommend using a matte screen protector on your tablet. You can also opt to use text boxes to type with your desired font and easily copy and paste text throughout your planner. 

Feel free to copy and paste any page design to any section or area that suits your needs. In Goodnotes, simply navigate to the page you'd like to copy, tap on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner, then tap Copy Page. Next, navitage to the area of the planner you'd like to paste the page behind (for example, a custom tab), tap on the Add Page icon in the top right hand corner, and then tap Paste Page.



Our digital planners include Goodnotes compatible sticker books that contain pre-cropped decorative and functional stickers. You can import and open the Goodnotes sticker book file, and simply copy and paste each sticker over to the planner file as you need them. For non-Goodnotes users, you can also access the stickers as individual PNG files (included in the download) and import them as images via the apps features, or by dragging and dropping them into the app using a split screen method. 

Did you know? You can use any hi-res PNG file with a transparent background as a sticker in your digital planner. These are often known as clip art files. If you are familiar with clip art or already own some TWG Designs clip art elements, you can use them with your digital planners! Click here to browse our expansive library of downloadable clip art sticker elements. 



If you have any questions about your digital planner or need additional support, please reach out to info@twgdesigns.com and we'll be more than happy to help.

Due to the nature of digital products, all sales are final. We do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. Please read the entire product description and carefully consider prior to placing your order. If you have any issues after purchasing, please reach out and we will do our best to rectify the issue as quickly as possible. 

If you encounter a problem when importing the planner PDF to Goodnotes or another app - troubleshoot by deleting the PDF, quitting all apps, and restarting your tablet. Then check your internet connection and re-download the planner PDF file before trying again. 



Our digital planners and all related files (ie, sticker books, PNG files, etc.) are strictly meant for personal use only. They cannot be re-distributed, re-sold, or duplicated in any way. Copyright © TWG designs. Copyright does not transfer with sale. 



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